Perfect wedding make up

Every bride wants to look her most beautiful and radiant on her wedding day!

Dearly Beloved interviewed professional make-up artist Mary, of Mary Estelle’s Makeup to get her tips on how to ensure you look your absolute best and to find out what’s trending in wedding makeup..

Do you have a particular ‘style’?

I am actually planning my wedding now and its harder than I thought! I am looking at having nude lips, defined eyes with beautiful shadow work (natural tones), a relaxed side do in my brunette hair and lots of lace! I love classic beauty.

You’ve worked for the likes of TVNZ and for lots of brides as well – what’s the difference in the approach between makeup for TV and for weddings?

Whether it’s for TV or real life, the look I always try to achieve (and the look I am sure we all want) is fresh, youthful and radiant. I always get referral looks of what the bride would like for her wedding day and these are often photos or on film. The bride has to remember the makeup will always look a little bit more than what she is used to, but the camera – lights and flash wash it out a lot, so I like to outline their features with a bit of depth, to make them look even more stunning! This gives the ‘natural’ look on the camera.

What’s your favorite make up trend for brides?

That’s a tricky one because every woman has their own style and personality, there is nothing worse than seeing your friend Sally walking down the isle with big hair, thick liner and red lips if she has never worn such a thing in her life, It doesn’t tie in if the bride on her big day doesn’t look like the woman the groom wanted to marry!

What do most brides in New Zealand like/look for when it comes to wedding makeup?

Almost every bride I makeup wants the natural look, although occsionally I have brides with big personalties who want red lips or bling eyes, and thats when I get to have a lot of fun!

If you could give all the brides to be one piece of advice for their big day, what would it be?

You have probably dreamed of this day since you were a pup, so let it be your day (but not in a bridezilla way!) I myself worried too much about other people – who is coming and not coming…. that worry turned into stress then that stress turns into bad skin and health, the most important thing is to relax!
Get massages before the wedding, go for runs/walks, or sit away with some soft music to clear your head once a day.  But most of all drink plenty of water!

Thanks so much to Mary for those tips and hints!

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Look and feel fabulous.

All you wish for on your wedding day is to look and feel amazing, and most importantly, feel like you. Dearly Beloved spoke with Angela, from Angela Renee Makeup about looking your best for your wedding.

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Hair specialist and makeup artist, Angela Renee believes

wedding hair and makeup should enhance your natural beauty in a way that effortlessly complements your dress, individual bridal style and personality.”


Here are Angela’s tips for looking amazing and feeling fabulous on your wedding day:


What is your style?

Images of your flowers, chosen jewellery, or a swatch of your dress fabric all help to communicate your overall vision for your wedding. You can create a mood board or look book with your dress being central place. Share your visuals with your hairstylist and makeup artist. This will provide inspiration for how your hair and makeup will complement your bridal style.


Gather your team

Find beauty professionals that you connect with. Make sure your hairstylist and makeup artist are experts in their field and experienced with bridal work – choose people that you can communicate with easily and who share your style aesthetic. Organise your team to come to you on your wedding day. Being beautified in your chosen setting will eliminate a lot of stress and ensure things run to time.


Hair and skin condition

You want the condition of your hair and skin to be optimum on your wedding day so your stylists have the perfect base to apply your makeup and create your hairstyle.  It’s ideal to have a long-term beauty plan. This may include a treatment regime for hair and skin, a haircut and colour plan and consideration of skin sensitivities and hair and scalp issues.




At a trial you will have a practice run for your hair and makeup, two or three months before your wedding day. If you are unsure what you will feel comfortable with, the trial is the perfect time to experiment. If you choose to wear hair adornments such as a veil or diamante hair pins, for example, bring them along. Then your special piece can be incorporated into your hairstyle. Wear a white top with a similar neckline to your dress if possible so you can get a true idea how your hair and makeup will appear on the day. Take photos to refer to.


Bridal makeup

Your makeup should enhance your natural beauty and appear polished and fresh. The overall look should be timeless and classic. Focus your attention to the finer details, a natural shaped brow, long lashes, glowing cheeks and glossy lips. Contouring is important photographically and will enhance your natural bone structure. Softly blended and subtle colour hues in natural tones will be added with blush and eye shadows to accentuate your individual features. For the fashion-forward bride choose one makeup trend to feature. A bold lip or stronger blush can introduce a pleasing colour pop without being too much.


For hair

Choose a silhouette that compliments your face shape and profile. Classic hair up styles will stand the test of time when you reflect on your wedding pictures in years to come.  The classic up styles are also very current. If you have short hair, don’t feel pressured to grow it as there are many options for styling a short haircut. Keep your hair type and the weather in mind – not everyone can have cascading curl successfully. Let your hairstylist advise you on a hairstyle appropriate for the season. Clip-in hair pieces are a great addition to help achieve the style you want. Remember – your dress should always be central to your look. Therefore your hair needs to complement not detract from your gown and sit well with the neckline too.


The overall picture

Over all, when it comes to your bridal look, think: less is often more… and enjoy the experience of being beautified as much as the day itself.

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Brigit’s beautiful skin tips

Brigit Blair, founder of Linden Leaves skincare, shares her tips for beautiful skin on your wedding day…

A glowing, gorgeous complexion and beautiful skin look lovely with every style of wedding dress! Here are Brigit’s tips for healthy, beautiful skin on your special day:

  • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! This will rid the skin of dried cells which can keep the skin looking dull (not to mention wastefully soak up loads of product!), then slather on a plant based body oil before you go to bed. Your skin will firm and smooth overnight and you’ll wake up with a gorgeous healthy glow.
  • Sometimes your skin can take a day or two to settle after a facial or a new skincare product, so don’t make any drastic changes to your skincare the day or two before your wedding.
  • Remember to try to relax and do your best not to stress in the few days before the big event as stress shows in your skin.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, eat sensibly and let your body restore itself by getting good sleep. Try a calming evening bath to wind down before you go to bed.

Miranda Bond, Founder of Inika Cosmetics, shares her wedding makeup tips


Having your makeup go wrong on your special day is any bride’s worst nightmare!

Here are some of Miranda’s fail safe tips for a DIY soft and feminine bridal look:

  • To start your wedding-day makeup you need a smooth flawless base. I would recommend using a Mineral Powder Foundation (apply a primer first to even the skin and prepare it for application) with a dust of setting powder, so your skin stays matte and oil free during the day and will ensure that you look flawless in photos.
  • For the eyes, apply a white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes look sparkling and clear, then sweep the lids with a Mineral Eye shadow in a neutral tone to not override the effect of the eyeliner. Then apply mascara on the top lashes only, in case you have a few tears during the ceremony.
  • Be careful with your colour! Apply blush sparingly to the apples of your cheeks for a natural and long-lasting colour.
  • Accentuate your lips on the cupids bow with a Light Reflect Highlighting Crème and then use a lipsticks or lip gloss that has ingredients that will keep your kissable looking lips glossy and moisturized during the day.