Sarah & Dave

Sarah Meek and Dave Klug had just four months to plan their beautiful wedding – while living on different continents!  With the help of friends and family, they were able to an amazing  job of planning their wedding day.

During the whole planning process Sarah was based in London and Dave was in South Africa. This meant from the outset it was important to make swift decisions!

Dave proposed to Sarah while they were visiting Sarah’s family in New Zealand. They quickly settled on a date and chose their reception venue – the Leigh Sawmill Cafe – before leaving the country for the next four months.

“Leading up to the wedding many people asked me how I could plan a wedding from London in four months and I could only respond that is was because I had great family and friends and this was so true. It would have been great if Dearly Beloved had existed then!”

They chose the Sawmill Cafe as their venue because they both loved it and it is is close to Sarah’s family bach at Leigh. Sarah wanted to involve loved ones in planning the day.

“It really was super to see so many people I love being part of the event! We had a dear friend Juliet take care of the decorations, this was awesome because she has a super creative eye – much better than me and I knew this would be safe in her hands. The attention to detail and results were wonderful.

“I really loved that our wedding was laid back and the venues were not hugely formal. This meant there was beauty in a bit of chaos; flowers and vases all different shapes and sizes, tables laid differently and because it was not about exacting formal order, things were relaxed. I loved the imperfections, the old bach with pealing wallpaper, the luggage tags the tables from slabs of wood. I really felt that it all added to the charm.”

“Susan, who manages the events at the Sawmill Cafe there was very efficient and accommodating which made life easy for us.”

For the ceremony, both Sarah and Dave wanted to get married in a church and having chosen a reception venue, began searching for a suitable church.  Sarah loved the idea of a Kiwi country wedding and found a little kauri church in Matakana which is also an events venue.

“It was ideal for us.  We had friends we wanted to involve in the service to marry us and take care of the music and one of my favourite aspects of our wedding was the music. My aunt and uncle and two cousins formed a band of guitars and vocalists.

We chose some of our favourite songs to walk into, sing and play while the register was being signed. The sound was enveloping and I loved that. I love hearing the songs now they always take me back to that day.

Within the service Dave and I had a quiet moment together after the signing of the register to take communion and pray together. This was important for us as we wanted to find a moment among the busyness for just the two of us. It was very special.”

“there was beauty in a bit of chaos – I loved the imperfections, the old bach with pealing wallpaper…it all added to the charm”

One thing Sarah and Dave are really glad they did was to choreograph half of the first dance. They danced to “Time Of My Life” from Dirty Dancing, just because they thought it would be a fun song.

Sarah had heard about a leap which was easy to do (easier than the one from the movie) so Dave and Sarah practiced it lots (even during the pre-dance photoshoot to check Dave could lift Sarah in her gorgeous dress!)

“It worked out really well and we were so happy we persevered to put the dance together. We only had one week and we did a bit of mime and some very basic moves. Because we had a band playing the song we choreographed to the words not the music.”

Asked what she might do differently, or recommend to other brides to think about, Sarah mentioned that having more time to plan would have helped. They also felt a longer planning period would have meant that more people could probably have attended the wedding.

Given the chance to do it again, Sarah and Dave say they would plan the celebrations to span a few more days so they could spend more time catching up with family and friends who travelled to be there.

Another hint Sarah offered is that she would give her father quite strong guidelines for his speech so he did not rattle on so long!

Sarah’s last tip for anyone still in planning mode:

“I was a little relaxed on the seating plan and if I could do it again I would probably mix things up a bit more.”

Sarah & Dave Klug – 04 April 2012

Venue – Leigh Sawmill Cafe

Photographer – Ken Buist Photographer

Cinematography – White Video

Entertainment – Halo band

Cake – Charlie and Cake

Church – St Andrews Matakana

Honeymoon accommodation – Parkiri Holiday Park