Emma’s wedding planning tips

Wedding planner extraordinaire, Emma Newman gives Dearly Beloved the low-down on working with a wedding planner…

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I always ask couples about what they need first

What are the main benefits of using a wedding planner?

You can save time, money and stress and not always in that order. An Engagement should be a time to enjoy and so often I hear couples breathe a sigh of relief when I become involved as they realise they won’t have to undertake all the bookings and planning. I love being organised and that allows couples time for their own lives.

Many engaged couples both work full time and don’t have much time during the day to make decisions – does this mean you end up doing a lot of after hours support?

Of course. I am looking at my diary right now and it is full of weekend and week night meetings. Any good planner in this day and age needs to be flexible to fit in with their couples lives.

Tell us about the most memorable couple you have planned a wedding for?

I know this sounds cheesy but there are so many. Of course couples are stressed when they plan their big days. There is a lot of pressure from media and from themselves to get it right. The couples I have loved the most are those that trust me and the process and even if they are stressed they remember to respect others and to still remain happy and charming!

A good wedding planner can save time, money and stress, not always in that order.

What are your favourite locations for ceremonies and which local venues do you love?

Those that are clean and well run and make the most of what they have. As far as locations – for a traditional homestead, Otahuna. For beach weddings, the Marlborough Sounds, especially Bay of Many Coves. Local to Christchurch, The George boutique hotel. And of course marquee weddings – well planned though!

Do you have a package system or do you tailor your services to each bride or couple’s individual needs?

I have packages but I always ask couples about what they need first that way each couple gets what they need rather than giving them standard responses.

What’s treading in weddings right now?

  • Food stations of your favourite food
  • Vintage themes a little less popular in favour of cleaner lines
  • Photo booths, not cameras on tables

Do you find that it is becoming more common for the groom to have an active role in decision making or do you find weddings are still largely about what the bride wants?

For sure – most of my meetings are with both but decoration and style of the wedding tend to be with the bride more.