Jacqueline’s perfect flowers

Dearly Beloved chatted with Jacqueline Neave of Jacqueline’s Florist about creating beautiful wedding flowers – find out what you need to know and all Jacqueline’s tips and tricks here:

Q. What do you love about working in the wedding industry?
A.It is such a special day for the bride, the groom and their families. Flowers are a lovely part of a wedding and it’s a privilege to source the perfect flowers for the occasion.

Q. What would your one most important piece of advice for brides-to-be to know before the big day?
A.Choose flowers that you really love — maybe a type of flower that has special meaning to you. Think about the flowers that are in season around your wedding date. Peony roses have quite a short season, and in a couple of cases I’ve had brides choose their wedding date to coincide with it!

Q. And the grooms?
A.It is your special day. Don’t be afraid to pop along to meetings with the florist. I’ll check with the bride-to-be first about which aspects of your wedding we can discuss — often she will want to leave the dress as a lovely surprise.

Q. What is trending right now in the world of wedding florals?
A.Lovely open blooms of beautiful David Austin roses, dahlias, and soft chrysanthemums. The vintage and whimsical look. Flower crowns are very pretty, and men’s buttonholes are popular. Flowers are being hung in vintage vases and jars from trees which looks beautiful and can create a great conversation piece.

Q. What is the most interesting wedding request you ever had?
A.Recently we did flowers for a farm wedding where the service was on held on a private beach. The flower crowns and the bouquets incorporated olive branches from the farm and bunny tails from the beach, together with roses, daisies and lisianthus. It was beautiful because it was all part of the location, which was very special to the family. Also, the bouquet had to be sturdy enough to come down the hill with the bride on a quad bike!

Q. How can the right florist enhance the day and take the stress out of wedding planning?
A.Flowers are an important part of the atmosphere at a wedding. The right florist will sit down with you in a relaxed environment and discuss your ideas, and then make sure the flowers look perfect on the big day.

Q. What sets you apart in your industry / is different or special about how you approach things?
A.We cater especially to weddings and offer a very personalised service. With no retail space to worry about, we put all our attention into your special day. Often we will search vintage stores for the perfect vase or accessory to suit a wedding. We personally deliver your flowers and will set up at the venue to ensure everything is just perfect.

Q. Do you have any tips for brides on a budget of where to splurge and where to save, or how to get the most from their budget when it comes to flowers?
A.Think about which flowers people will see the most of at your wedding — often it’s the bridal bouquet and the table pieces. Work with your florist to pick flowers that will be in season on your wedding day. You will get healthy, high quality flowers, and more of them!

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