Tips for choosing wedding flowers

Dearly Beloved asked Jenny Clark from Studio24 in Wanaka, New Zealand, for her advice to brides when choosing wedding flowers.
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Here are Jenny’s top tips:
A sense of harmony
  • I recommend choosing flowers in softer colours, that compliment your dress rather than outshine or draw your eye to them. You want everything to look in harmony and if your flowers stand out that is where your eye is drawn. I feel that your whole look is more important and that you are the thing that should stand out. If you do desire bold colours perhaps have just a few in your bouquet, have your bridesmaids carry them or alternatively have something bright at your reception.
Seasonal blooms
  • Select flowers that are in season, that way you won’t be disappointed if the particular blooms you are wanting aren’t available. Also having flowers that are in season means they are generally a lot more cost effective.
Multi-tasker arrangements
  • Utilise your arrangements from the ceremony at your reception. Have your florist or a family member or friend collect these after the ceremony and take them to your reception venue.  This is something I quite often do for my brides. If you have several arrangements these can be used to decorate the reception area without doubling up on costs.
Know what you do and don’t like
  • Before you meet up with your potential florist it is great to have a few ideas to be able to show them. They might not necessarily be exactly what you are wanting but to get the ideas flowing it helps to have rough description of what you are after.  A good wedding florist will be able to interpret, come up with ideas for you and work towards the final look and design.  It also good to know what you don’t like as this can sometimes be as helpful as things you do.
Uniquely you
  • Adding special touches such as your grandmothers brooch or a photo of a loved one who has passed away is a nice way to finish your bouquet and to make it all the more unique and special.